These are the tips on how to spot a condominium scam

Unfortunately, there are so many condominium scams that you can find in the market. Those scams have made many people feel paranoid when they’re looking a condo for themselves. Not only that, there are many legal and professional condo developers who’ve lost many potential customers, due to the condominium scams. However, choosing a qualified and licensed condo just like the Grandeur Park Residence will be a safer bet for you. We’d also like to share some tips that you can use in order to spot a condominium scam.

Here are the tips for you:

1. It’s always about the license

Although it has been discussed by many articles over and over again, the licensing matter in the condominium business is important. This is the key to separate between the legal, professional developer with the fraud ones. Remember to always check a developer’s license before you’re buying a condo from him. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

2. The laughable price that will make you cry

Although the price of a condominium scam is funny, it will actually make you cry, due to the sneaky hidden prices that will be charged after you seal the deal. Remember that those developers and companies are intending to make the profits, and not to bankrupt. Choosing a condo with the very cheap price is a bad idea, especially if you have more time and money to choose another condo.

3. The fake advertisement

When you’ve discovered that a condo quality is far worse than its advertisement, then leave that one immediately. A fake advertisement is one of many common methods that have been used by the scammers for years. Although it’s really easy to find out about fake ads by doing a direct observation to the real location, there are still many unfortunate people who’ve been tricked, due to they’ve been bought the condo hastily.

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