Tempered Auto Glass

Tempered glass (Temperlite) is an ordinary glass that is hardened by heating it until it reaches a temperature of 650 ° C and then cooled immediately windshield replacement Phoenix. This type of glass is relatively difficult to solve, because it has the power three times stronger than regular glass, but will easily shatter like crystal if pierced by a sharp need exceed a quarter-six thick glass. You can replace your windshield with tempered glass on windshield replacement Phoenix.

The use of glass Temperlite type used for side and rear glass of the car. Side and rear glass of the vehicle is part that use tempered type.

Benefits of using this type of auto glass are:

– If the side glass is subjected to impact or blunt hard object glass is not easily broken.
– Especially for buses, in a case of an emergency, side glass will be easily solved by using a commonly-breaking tool against the wall of the vehicle.

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