Roses, Female’s Favorite Flower

Rose is a plant of the family Rosa also become the name of the interest generated by this plant. The roses of more than hundred species mostly raised in the northern hemisphere which has an air cooler. The species of roses, in general, is one of the bushes have thorns for her defense or creeping plants whose height can reach 2 to 5 meters. Although roses can travel up to a height of over 20 meters, but still very few people who can find it especially in the wild. In Flower Hut, we provide a wide variety of roses.

Roses generally has 5 leaves crown with the exception of the species Rosa sericea which only has 4 leaves crown. Flower color is generally white and pink or yellow and red in some species of roses. Ovaries are at the bottom of the crown of leaves and leaf sheath.

Because the beauty of which is owned by roses, a lot of people that symbolizes love with roses. Moreover, roses are red. Because many people who interpret roses with love, many lovers who use red roses to express their feelings. Moreover, if Valentine’s Day has arrived, many people who bought a series of roses for their partners. There also are using flowers to express feelings of love for their loved ones. Many men who use the rose because those women like flowers. The women think that flowers symbolize romance.

The roses are the favorite flowers of most women did have the magnificent beauty because beauty Apart from the shape of dazzling roses also have very beautiful colors. So we can conclude why roses were selected, because the rose has a meaning of deep feelings, especially red roses means love. Most women also loved roses. Therefore, most couples prefer a series of red roses to be used as gifts for their partner on Valentine’s Day.

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