The high price of property can be caused by the tax value

If we want to buy a house in the modern city, we would be surprised when we know its price. It is because the property tax there has been assessed high by the county tax assessor. We can not deny that assessment because it is true. The assessment of county tax assessor can be accounted because they have the authority to say it. We can buy the house at the lower price at modern city if we know the major points of the property. We do not need to bring the assessor to show it because we can practice it by ourselves.

First, we have to make sure if the homeowners of the house that we want to buy do not know anything about the tax value. We can not convince our arguments to him if he has any knowledge about taxes. We will tell him if the property at the house such as fireplace, sofa, bathroom equipment, and dresser are inexpensive and not too valuable. We could use those reasons to bargain home price. If the homeowner believes with our assessment, he will change the price of the house.

Second, we can use the condition of the house is bad and we have to rebuild it. If the homeowner does not want low his price, he will be difficult to get the profits from subsequent sales. He also needs much money if they want to rebuild his house because the cost of renovating is expensive.

Third, we can say to him if the tax value in this state will be increased next year. He can avoid the big cost of tax value if he is willing to sell his house. He can buy a house in another state with money from the sale of the house and we will pay the tax burden.
If those ways do not work to the homeowner, maybe we have to change the option of the house and find in another place.

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