Fundamental Methods You Need to Know before Training Your Golden Retriever

Knowing the fundamental method before training a golden retriever is one of the important things that most of the Golden Retriever owners. There are different methods to train dogs, yet all of the methods which are effective boil down to these three fundamental methods: reward for the behaviour you prefer; no reward for the behaviour you do not like; and remain consistent.

– Give Rewards

This step is part easy and fun. Rewards are not only given when you are actively practising it. If your golden retriever dog has a habit of peeing outside, you have to praise him. If your dog is another dog with a friendly greeting, tell how good his behaviour is.

– Do Not Compensate for Any Negative Behaviour

This step requires a little more vigilance. If your dog does something you do not like, you must think about the reason. Usually, it is done for the dog to not get a reward out of that bad habit. You have to constantly get rid of such fees. For example, if the dog bounds towards you when looking at the rope, you should not install the rope and stroll because it is the same as giving a reward for his behaviour. Instead, turn around or look up until the dog quiet. Then put the rope and take him for a walk.

– Be consistent

You and other Golden Retriever trainers must respond in the same way, no matter what your dog is doing. For example, if you do not feed him from the table, but your child is busy offering food from the plate to the dog, you will have trouble. Or if you sometimes tell your dog to go down when the animal was jumping up and down and sometimes greeted him with enthusiasm in different occasions, you are giving mixed messages which will confuse your dog.

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