The factors needed before taking liposuction

If you have done the physical exercise and intensive diet to reduce stubborn fat in your body but you don’t get your ideal size: you need to meet Michele A Shermak MD, an expert of liposuction in Baltimore.

Liposuction is usually done to improve the body contour in the stomach area, buttocks, hips, thighs, or face as well as you can also do it on the breast, legs, ankles, or back. This procedure only removes fat, cellulite, or stretch mark by taking the fat using suction method. The plastic surgeon will make the incision in the body of the patient to insert a small, flat tube which is connected to a liposuction vacuum so that the fat in your body is able to be removed. If you want to do liposuction, there are some factor that is needed to be done before you do liposuction:

1. You must have the normal body weight

When you decide to take the liposuction, you need to make sure that you have the normal body. If you have an ideal body weight, it would be better because the liposuction will suck fat up from your body; so that, you need to have the adequate body weight before taking liposuction.

2. You have a good health condition

Having a good condition is a compulsion when you want to do liposuction. If you are not in the good health condition, the surgeon will postpone to perform the liposuction treatment until you get better health condition.

3. You still have the elastic skin

Perhaps, the liposuction cannot be done toward the people who have reached more than 50 years of age because they might have lost their skin elasticities.

4. You do not have cellulite.

Cellulite can disrupt the contour of the skin in the area that sucked. So, if you have cellulite; you need to ask the surgeon before taking the liposuction treatment.

If you belong to the creatria above, you can step up to the surgeon to perform the consultation sessions before taking a real liposuction treatment. At the consultation session, you can ask anything related to liposuction, such as costs, benefits, and risks of liposuction. You also need to convey the purpose of your liposuction, medical history, and a list of medications that you might have been consuming before taking the surgery.

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