Characteristics of SEO Friendly Articles

Writing an SEO friendly article is something that is not easy because the author had to master the science of SEO and have the expertise to write quality articles. If you master these two things of course your article that posted on a blog or the web will be much favoured by visitors and the search engines. Guaranteed slowly your site will sit in top positions in the search engines. Many articles are made by bloggers do not pay attention to these two things so that visitors do not like the site. However, with the services of, you do not have to worry anymore about it.

At this time we will provide SEO friendly features:

– Relevant

Search engines or search engines will recognise articles that are relevant to the keywords entered by the visitor. Besides, Google is also working with the relevance of an article with keywords, not the number of keywords you enter.

– Not a lot of keywords used

The article that is friendly to the search engines is an article that does not use too many keywords you want to target.

– Having a clear purpose

Every article made by friends must have a goal and purpose is different. Friendly SEO article should have a clear objective but not necessarily reproduce keywords used

– Using a standard language or formal

Often we find bloggers are using the various languages. Even the words used sometimes is not in the dictionary. This sort of thing is certainly not good for determining the intended function and are directed in the article of friends.

– In the article, it contains internal links, pictures and conclusions

In your article should be given to internal links, pictures and conclusion. The link provided should be related or topical articles that friends of friends wrote, not to provide links that have nothing to do with your article because there is no benefit to be gained by visitors.

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